A whole pre season has passed since Liverpool’s Champions League Final defeat to Real Madrid.

However, Liverpool’s manager Jurgen Klopp has insisted his players have forgotten about that night in Kiev and they prepare ” to go again” in their Premier League opener against West Ham.

“It is no problem” said the Liverpool manager in an exclusive interview with Soccer Saturday


“There are bigger problems in life than losing a Champions League final, so we all have bigger problems than losing a Champions League final.

“We tried everything, it did not happen, so that is all. It is a long time ago and a waste of time having that in your mind. So no problem, we go again.”

To improve the squad over the summer Liverpool have since spent £175m on new players, including new goalkeeper Allison for £67m.



The Brazilian will make his competitive on Sunday’s for the clash with West Ham at Anfield, and will replace Loris Karius in goal after the keepers two mistakes against Real in the Ukrainian capital cost the reds dearly.

“The good thing is from the first day he has been very stable and calm, but then again we already knew a few things about his personality when we signed him,” said Klopp on Brazil’s NO 1.

“And apart from catching balls, that helps massively. You need to have the right personality for that very difficult job. And obviously he has that.”

Another key player of course this season is Mo Salah, who scored an amazing 32 goals in36 league games in his debut campaign for Liverpool last season.

Klopp insists he has no clue how to offer his Egypt forward advice on how to repeat those record-breaking exploits.

“We are not bothering constantly about how he can play the same season,” said the German of last season’s Footballer of the Year. “He wants to play good football, as good as he is able to do”



“So why should I tell him? It is obvious that he has to do it again, you can see in each session that he is a fantastic professional.

“I do not go to him every day and give him advice on how he scores 54 goals next season as actually I have no clue. We try to help him all the time in training, he is a great boy, but I do not talk to him every day about how he can score more than last season.”

Klopp, however, is realistic about his side’s chances of winning this seasons premier.

“I do not know (if Liverpool can win the league),” he said. “That depends only on how we play, perform and fight, not on what I say now. How we react in the games and finish them.

“We do not have to play much better in the games against City – if we perform like we did last year, that would already be good.

“The points we lost between us and City were obviously for different reasons and mostly because we did not win all the other games. That is the case and a fact.”

Can Liverpool win their First League Title since 1990 this season?