David Silva with his son Mateo prior to todays match at the Etihad

David Silva introduced son Mateo to Man City crowd following his brave fight for life as Manchester City’s faced Huddersfield Town this afternoon.

The Spanish Midfielder was back in the team after a slight injury, carried out his new born son Mateo on to the pitch, just months after the newly born baby was fighting for his life.

Mateo was born prematurely last December and David Silva spent the next five months travelling back and forth from Manchester to the Casa de Salud hospital in Valencia to be at his side as he his son slowly triumphed in his brave battle for life.

Thankfully Mateo seems to be moving in the right direction and was introduced to the Etihad crowd by David Silva shortly before the match began.

David Silva kisses his son on the head

David Silva in emotional photo with young Mateo


“It is too early to say all is well with Mateo,” said Silva last month, as he relaxed at the ANFI holiday resort close to his hometown of Arguineguín in Gran Canaria and spoke in honest detail about how his dream of becoming a father for the first time became every parent’s worst nightmare.

“But the good news is that my son is getting stronger and stronger.

“He has to continue with medical tests every now and then, but at least we can think a little about the future.

You just don’t expect to see your baby fighting for his life.

Silva spent five months travelling back and forth between Manchester and Valencia


“It was a crazy time. Looking back you wonder how you coped. I relied on the strength of my girlfriend and my family – and also my team-mates and my club.

“Mateo was also a source of inspiration because of the way he fought.

“I was flying from England to Spain, trying to be with my son, trying to train, going back to Manchester to play for City.

“Mentally it was tough but I had to be strong because I wanted my son to keep fighting.

“Has it changed me as a man? I would say ‘no’ because I have always understood the importance of family.”